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Haworth Wholefoods is pleased to offer a range of vitamins suitable for vegans, including B, C, D and Floridix Iron formulas for adults and children.  We also stock Allicin capsules and gel, CBD oils, turmeric spray and capsules, comfrey and arnica creams.

In addition to the above we offer a range of A Vogel natural herbal medicines, such as Echinaforce®, Milk Thistle, Devil's Claw, etc., which all have beneficial and traditional uses in maintaining good health.
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Greens Organic Superfoods
We now stock a good range of these 'superfoods' – organic powders of fruits, greens, seaweeds and blends ready to add a nutritional boost to your smoothie at any time of day.  The range includes sea buckthorn, blueberry, chlorella, bee pollen, inulin, kale, golden turmeric, kelp...  and many more.  They are 100% organic, free of all pesticides, artificial fertilisers, heavy metals, GMOs and other chemicals and pollutants.  Give your immune system and nutrition a boost!  More:

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Inulin is being added to more and more food products because of its nutritional benefits and adaptability.  It is a nutritional component that occurs naturally in many plants – including chicory root, artichokes, agave, asparagus, bananas, garlic, leeks, onions, wild yams and wheat. 

Inulin is full of fibre and is low in calories, and plants use it as an energy source.  With a creamy consistency, it functions as a fat substitute in margarine and salad dressings, and is also used to replace some flour in baked goods.

Inulin is a nutritional powerhouse – offering many benefits...
  • It keeps you full (of fibre) Fibre is any type of carbohydrate that the body cannot digest.  It moves through the intestines intact, and continues to the colon where it serves as food for the good bacteria there.  Fibre therefore has no calorific value, but remains essential to health.  The fibre in inulin is soluble in water, so it dissolves in the stomach and forms a gelatinous substance that slows digestion, increases the sense of fullness, and removes cholesterol as it passes through the digestive tract.
  • It promotes digestive health The human gut contains between 15,000 and 36,000 species of bacteria – only a small proportion of which have the potential to be harmful.  Good bacteria provide many health benefits.  Inulin aids digestion by increasing the health and number of good bacteria in the gut – particularly Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.  These help to fend off unwanted pathogens (bad bacteria) and prevent infection.  They also stimulate the immune system.  Inulin helps to add bulk to the stool and increases the frequency of passage.  So after adding inulin supplements to your diet you may experience more bowel movements, but overall digestion is slowed – enabling your body to absorb better the nutrients from food.  Research suggests that inulin can enable the body to absorb calcium better.  Calcium helps to create a stronger skeleton.
  • It controls blood sugar As we have already seen, inulin slows digestion of carbohydrates.  This means that sugar is released slowly, without spiking, to promote healthy blood sugar levels.  A study in 2015 revealed that inulin can benefit people with prediabetes.  When present in a diet over a long period of time it can act as a potential blood-stabiliser.  Other research suggests that these properties make inulin a good weight management aid.
  • It could lower your cancer risk Researchers are actively investigating the use of inulin to prevent cancer.  As an immune system booster, it may also be a good preventative against cancers of the digestive system.  One study found a combination of probiotics and prebiotics such as inulin had the potential to reduce colon cancer risk.

Supplemental inulin is available in capsule and powder forms, and the typical dose is 3.1 grams a day.  It is possible to get all the inulin you need by eating foods that contain it, but you may find this involves eating more garlic than you might wish! If you are on a probiotic regimen or currently using antibiotics to treat a bacterial illness, then you might consider using inulin supplements to further promote digestive health.

A study tested the powdered form of inulin to determine whether it contributed to feelings of health and well-being.  The conclusions were that people taking inulin were happier, less hungry, and felt fuller over a period of time than those who received a placebo.

Any amount of inulin is considered safe for human consumption.  It is extremely unlikely to trigger any kind of allergic reaction.  When starting to take inulin, however, you may notice discomfort during bowel movements, flatulence or loose stools.  If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or a sensitive digestive tract then drinking plenty of water when taking inulin will help prevent constipation.

I have been taking a teaspoon of Inulin daily for about eight months now, and have been very happy with it.  Over that time I have gradually become aware that my sleeping patterns have improved considerably.  I've always had intermittent insomnia – having trouble getting off to sleep or getting back to sleep.  Over the past six months it has improved so much that I am now sleeping better than I've done for 30 years.  Then recently I watched a programme on telly with Dr Michael Mosley, who, as an insomniac himself was trialling some possible aids to better sleep.  And guess what really worked? A prebiotic dietary fibre, taken every day.  I later heard a radio programme about this as well.  Prebiotics act as a 'feed' or 'fertilizer' for the live probiotic bacteria that your gut needs for your digestive system to work properly.  Inulin is a prebiotic, of course.  I had no idea until I saw the programme that it was probably the daily dose of Inulin that was responsible for my wonderful improvement in sleeping.
Buy two Greens organic superfoods and get a 100g pack of organic Inulin FREE!

Sometimes called 'the forgotten mineral', magnesium is essential for the health of many of the body's basic functions.  Yet today the mineral is often in short supply in the foods we eat, as intensive farming over the past 50–60 years has led to severe magnesium depletion in the soil.  Drinking carbonated beverages, eating too much sugar and fat, consuming alcohol, and experiencing too much stress – all also combine to reduce the ability of the body to use what magnesium we do eat.

The health benefits of magnesium include the maintenance of nerves, muscles and bones.  It aids in protein synthesis and cellular metabolism.  It is also vital for sustaining a normal heart beat, and is used by doctors to treat irregular heart rhythm.

Other health benefits include having a positive impact on reducing osteoporosis, eclamptic seizures and the maintenance of sugar levels.  It also has favourable effects on asthma, diabetes, constipation, back pain and various psychiatric disorders.

Natural sources of magnesium include sea vegetables, leafy veg such as spinach, whole grains, tomatoes, beet greens, broad beans, lima beans, artichokes, sweet potatoes, buckwheat flour, pumpkin seeks, peanuts, wheat flour, oat bran, barley, cornmeal and – yes – chocolate.

Sometimes, however, it may be beneficial to boost your magnesium levels through taking supplements, and at Haworth Wholefoods we sell a range of products that may help:
  • magnesium mineral supplement capsules
  • Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) – both oral supplements and as crystals for a wonderful relaxing bath (sold in various sizes of jars and refills)
  • Better You magnesium chloride bath flakes, 1kg for £7.50
  • Better You magnesium oil spray, 100g for £9.15.

Products that naturally contain magnesium include buckwheat, cashew nuts, peanuts, pine nuts, almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, mustard seeds and seaweed

Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow colour, and has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. We stock fresh turmeric, plus capsules of wholistic turmeric. We also offer a turmeric oral spray – which makes it easier for the body to absorb its active ingredients (curcuminoids).
We stock fresh turmeric, capsules of wholistic turmeric and a turmeric oral spray

CBD oil
CBD One cannabis oil, organically grown in The Netherlands, is specifically chosen for its high CBD content and is processed using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction methods. It is fully laboratory checked to confirm its cannabinoid profile, and that it is rich in Terpenes to provide the best 'Entourage Effect'.  It is 100% legal in both the UK and USA. CBD One is a full member of the Cannabis Trade Association.

CBD oil is now becoming accepted as having many powerful analgesic and health benefits, but for legal reasons it is difficult for us to specify these. It is totally non-psychoactive.  More:
We sell CBD One CBD-based food supplements

AllicinMax is a natural product derived from garlic which has a powerful anti-microbial action. It is available in a gel for rubbing on the skin, and this is so safe that it can be used on mouth ulcers, for example. We also offer it in capsule form – where it can aid recovery from many different ailments while boosting the immune system. More:

Taking too many vitamins and supplements, or for too long, can be harmful. Supplements are not a substitute for a good diet or a solution for bad habits. Pregnant or nursing mothers and children in particular should obtain guidance from a GP before consuming any supplemental product. Haworth Wholefoods cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the consumption of supplements/vitamins.

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