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Baking ingredients
1LJ115Taylor & Collinge vanilla bean extract100ml£9.65
2VF176JW raspberry jelly crystals85g£1.40
3LJ138Clearspring agar agar flakes30g£6.10
4GT028Vegetarian suet250g£1.75
5LJ019Suma cornflour500g£1.35
6LJ202Doves bicarbonate of soda200g£1.45
7LJ206Doves baking powder 200g£1.75
8LJ016Free & Easy egg replacer135g£2.45
9LJ400Suma creamed coconut, block200g£1.95
10Lj350Suma coconut milk, can400ml£1.95
11VF167Biona coconut cream, can400ml£2.35
12SY192Biona whipping coconut cream400ml£2.95
13850978Creative Nature cacao powder200g£6.85
14KB050The Raw Choc Co Cacao Butter240g£6.95

Beans & peas
15PU166Yellow split peas, org500g£1.99
16PU034Black turtle beans, org500g£1.89
17PU145Haricot beans, org500g£2.25
18PU345Butter beans, org500g£4.29
19QS070Popcorn, org500g£1.99
20PU017Suma blackeye beans500g£1.95

21BT346Nairns dark chocolate oat biscuits200g£1.95
22BT334Rhythm 108 coconut cookies GF135g£3.25
23BT010Doves Farm wholemeal biscuits, small200g£1.35
24BT481Traidcraft stem ginger cookies180g£2.15

Bread & cake
25LJ007I Sea seaweed wraps280g£2.55
26BT440Biona pumpernickel bread500g£2.20
29BT552Florentin pitta bread, spelt260g£2.05
30BT376Florentin pitta bread, wholewheat260g£1.75
31BT396Specialite Locale dutch apple loaf cake1 cake£3.39
32BT384Specialite Locale stem ginger loaf cake1 cake£3.39
33BT631Clearspring 3 grain GF rice cakes, thin130g£1.29
34NC001Incredible Bakery gluten free bread loafeach£4.30
35NC002Incredible Bakery gluten free bread rolls4 pack£3.30

Breakfast cereals
36MX033Suma simply muesli base1kg£2.15
37MX119Infinity deluxe muesli1kg£4.95
38MX203Bear Alphabites multigrain cereal375g£2.79
39MX202Bear Alphabites cocoa cereal375g£2.79
40MX171Doves fibre flakes300g£3.45
41MX885Mesa Sunrise cereal355g£4.29
43MX127Rude Health spelt flakes, org300g£3.25
45MX884Nature's Path millet rice375g£3.69

Canned meals
47VF014Free & Easy 3 bean chilli400g£2.55
48VF116Free & Easy chickpea & bean tagine400g£2.45
49VF006Free & Easy chickpea curry400g£2.45
50VF079Geo Organics chickpea and lentil dahl400g£2.10

Canned vegetables
52VF625Suma black beans, org400g£1.15
54VF649Suma mixed beans400g£1.15
55VF550Suma baked beans400g£1.15
57VF161Whole Earth baked beans, org400g£1.25
58VF450Suma baked beans & sausages400g£2.20
59VF850Suma baked beans & burgers400g£2.20
60VF875Suma meat balls400g£2.40
62VF230Suma Beluga lentils, org400g£1.25
64KJ700Suma young jackfruit chunks400g£2.95
65LJ550Sweetcorn, org340g£1.45

Chilled chocolates
66KB666Booja Booja almond salted 2 packeach£1.49
67KB667Booja Booja de champagne 2 packeach£1.49
68KB827Booja Booja raspberry truffles69g£5.59
69KB823Booja Booja dark Equadorian truffles69g£5.59

Chilled dairy cheese & butter
70CV150Cypressa Halloumi Cheese250g£3.95
71CV397Calon Wen Og Extra Mature cheddar200g£2.85
72CV216Calon Wen creamy mellow cheddar350g£4.65
73CV304Yeo butter, salted, org250g£2.85
74CV337Devon double cream, long life, glass170g£2.95

Chilled mayonnaise
75CV130Follow your Heart vegan grated parmesan cheese142g£4.85
77CV137Follow Your Heart garlic mayonnaise340g£3.49
78CV097Follow Your Heart mayo, soya free340g£3.49
79CV117Follow Your Heart Sriracha vegan mayonnaise340g£4.29

Chilled meat replacements
80CV689Wheaty salami slices100g£2.45
81CV691Space Bar choritzo40g£1.29
82CV010Taifun weiners300g£5.39
83CV234Cheatin ham100g£1.89
84CV118Tofurky smoked deli slices156g£3.35
85CV424This isn't bacon rashers120g£3.70
86CV423This isn't chicken tikka pieces140g£3.60
87CV232Vbites cheatin chicken slices100g£1.89
88CV667Vbites Lincolnshire style sausage295g£2.89
89CV557Vbites sage & marjoram sausages295g£2.89
90CV999V Pud Lancashire vegan black pudding200g£1.85
91NC003Anderson's vegan haggis,large, locally made, 400g£5.99
92NC004Anderson's vegan haggis,large, locally made, 200g£3.99

Chilled sauerkraut
93CV813Raw Health Feel the Heat sauerkraut raw410g£4.59
94CV815Raw Health In the Pink sauerkraut410g£4.59
95CV747Raw Health Classic Crunch sauerkraut410g£4.59

Chilled spreads
96MA053Suma sunflower spread 500g£2.19
97MA003Suma olive spread500g£2.39
98CV879Naturli spreadable, org, no palm oil225g£2.09
99CV880Naturli butter block, org, no palm oil200g£2.09
100CV401Suma mushroom bomb200g£2.59
101CV291Delphi hummus170g£0.99
102CV018Delphi hummus with lemon & coriander170g£1.19
103CV286Delphi red pepper hummus170g£1.19

Chilled tofu
104CV007Taifun almond/sesame seed tofu200g£3.99
105CV408Viana smoked tofu200g£3.09
106CV840Taifun wild garlic tofu160g£3.29
107CV206Clear spot tofu, org280g£2.19
108CV074Clear Spot tempeh200g£3.49

Chilled vegan cheese
109CV615Applewood smoked cheese200g£2.49
110CV542Sheese mozzarella style slices200g£2.59
112CV597Sheese caramelised onion cheese200g£2.59
113CV227Cheezly red cheddar 190g£2.39
114CV228Cheezly white cheddar block190g£2.39
115CV781Violife feta cheese200g£3.99
116CV449Violife cheddar block400g£5.10
117CV230Violife epic mature cheddar200g£3.25
118CV453Violife cheese for pizza block400g£4.95
119CV442Violife smoked cheese slices200g£3.45
120CV688Violife cream cheese150g£2.65
121CV688Koko cheddar200g£2.59

Chilled yoghurts
123CV483Sojade natural soya yoghurt400g£1.55
124CV876Sojade Greek style yoghurt400g£2.15
126CV828Oatly creme fraiche200ml£1.99
127CV135Coyo plain coconut yoghurt250ml£3.59

Chocolate bars
129KB821Vego hazelnut choc bar, mini65g£2.45
130KB489Vego hazelnut choc bar150g£4.05
131GH075Vego hazelnut chocolate spread, jar200g£4.15
132WS059Vego white choc bar50g£2.45
133WS003Vego dark nuts & berries choc bar85g£2.75
134KB898iChoc vegan white chocolate80g£2.39
135KB897iChoc vegan almond orange choc bar80g£2.39
136KB738iChoc supernut choc bar80g£2.39
137KB922iChoc milkless chocolate bar80g£2.39
138KB882iChoc choco cookie choc bar80g£2.39
141ZX783Montezuma 100% choc bar100g£2.35
142KB196Montezuma very dark choc, org100g£2.35
144ZX770Montezuma 100% with mint100g£2.35
145KB196Montezuma fitzroy 72% choc bar100g£2.55
146ZX337Tony's chocolonely almond & seasalt dark choc180g£4.59
147ZX091Tony's chocolonely milk choc180g£4.59
148KB886Tony's chocolonely caramel & seasalt milkchoc180g£4.59
149NC005Jeavons Smootch75g£3.00
150NC006Jeavons Rizo50g£2.60
151JU346Jeavons Rabble70g£2.75

Cold drinks, carbonated
152JU346Fentimans ginger beer275ml£1.75
153JU435Fentimans Victorian lemonade275ml£1.75
154JU908Fentimans dandelion & burdock275ml£1.75
155JU354Fentimans orange & mandarin jigger275ml£1.75
156JU160Fentimans tonic water500ml£2.15
157Ju716Dash sparkling water with lemon, can330ml£1.45
158Ju170Dash sparkling water with raspberry, can330ml£1.45
159JU946Whole Earth cola330ml£1.40
160JU186Whole Earth ginger beer330ml£1.40
161JU189Whole Earth elderflower330ml£1.40
162JU935Whole Earth lemonade330ml£1.40
163JU265Cawston Press apple & rhubarb 330ml£1.40
164JU819Drink 420 CBD infused elderflower & lime drink250ml£2.49
165JU818Drink 420 CBD infused wild berries drink250ml£2.49

Cold drinks, cordials
166JU241Suma apple & blackcurrant concentrate400ml£5.50
167JU240Suma apple juice concentrate, org400ml£5.50
168JU578Belvoir elderflower cordial500ml£4.40
169JU234Belvoir blackcurrant & blueberry cordial500ml£4.40
170JU276Belvoir ginger cordial, org500ml£4.80

Cold drinks, juices
171JU671Sunita lemon juice, org250ml£2.70
172JU181Biona pomegranate juice, org1lt£4.35
173JU130Biona tart cherry juice1lt£4.35
174JU825Flawsome apple & strawberry juice250ml£1.60
175JU826Flawsome apple & superberry juice250ml£1.60
176JU820Flawsome orange juice250ml£1.60
177JU541Biona orange juice, glass1lt£4.95
178JU742Jax coconut water1lt£3.35

Cold drinks, kombutcha
179CV736Equinox kombucha ginger275ml£1.95
180CV830Equinox kombucha grapefruit & guava275ml£1.95

Cold drinks, water
181WA222Harrogate Spring sparkling water, glass750ml£1.35
182WA223Harrogate Spring still water, glass750ml£1.35
183WA020Just water, carton500ml£1.29

Convenience foods
184VF183Just Wholefoods felafel mix120g£1.75
185VF162Suma veggy sausage mix350g£5.10
186SY109Suma TVP coloured mince 250g£2.25
187VF160Suma veggy burger mix350g£5.40
188VF153Suma nut roast mix370g£3.15
189VF154Suma veggy nut roast mix GF370g£3.15
190FG092Suma polenta500g£1.45
191VF104Artisan Grains cashew & veg nut roast mix200g£3.15
192VF213Artisan Grains cashew & cranberry nut roast mix200g£3.15

193BT273Nairn oatcakes250g£1.65
194BT319Clearspring oatcakes200g£2.50
195FG180Clearspring GF breadcrumbs250g£4.15
196BT305Easy Bean green pea & chia crackers160g£3.09
197BT303Easy Bean red lentil & poppyseed crackers160g£3.09
198BT304Easy Bean fava bean & poppyseed crackers160g£3.09
199BT034 Kallo rice cake +salt130g£1.90
200BT036Kallo sesame thick rice cake + salt130g£1.55
201BT578kallo protein Lentil cakes100g£2.09
202BT129Clearspring rice & black sesame crackers, g/f40g£2.29

Dental hygiene
203DY323Humble interdental brush8 pack£4.25
204DY111Kingfisher toothpaste, fennel, with fluoride100ml£2.95
205DY190Kingfisher toothpaste, mint with fluoride 100ml£2.95
206DY529Kingfisher toothpaste, mint, fluoride free100ml£2.95
207DY529Kingfisher toothpaste mint, fluoride free100ml£2.95
208DY668Kingfisher toothpaste, aloe tea tree & mint, fluoride free100ml£2.95
209DY800Kingfisher toothpaste, fennel, fluoride free100ml£2.95
210DY161Kingfisher children's toothpaste, strawberry, fluoride free75ml£2.25
211DY416Kingfisher charcoal toothpaste, fluoride free100ml£2.95
212DY527Kingfisher toothpaste, baking soda & mint, fluoride free100ml£2.95
214881288Georganics peppermint & bicarb powder60ml£6.55
215881291Georganics mouthwash tablets, peppermint180tabs£8.45
216881263Georganics tooth cleaning tablets, charcoal120tabs£8.45
217881260Georganics charcoal & coconut oil toothpaste60ml£6.55
218881274Georganics spearmint tooth powder60ml£6.55
219881266Georganics charcoal toothpowder60ml£6.55
222881254Lemon Bio-white toothpowder, tin35g£5.99
223881258Lemon Bio-white toothpowder, refill35g£3.99
224881256Peppermint bio-white toothpowder, tin35g£5.99
225881259Peppermint bio-white toothpowder, refill35g£3.99
226859554Hyrophil soft blue toothbrush1 brush£4.20
227859562Hydrophil med green toothbrush1 brush£4.20
228859568Hydrophil kids toothbrush, soft, red1 brush£4.20
229859572Hydrophil toothpaste case, bamboo1 case£9.45

Dried fruit
231DR011Crystallised ginger, org125g£1.99
232DR252Dates, pitted, org500g£4.55
233DR250Suma apricots, org500g£5.39
234DR255Suma raisins, org500g£3.45
235DR256Suma sultanas, org500g£3.15
236DR073Suma currants, org250g£2.85
237DR254Suma figs, org500g£5.65

Eastern foods
238JP212Clearspring miso, rice, jar300g£4.85
239VF010Yakso seitan in tamari330g£3.75
240VF005Yakso tempeh, jar175g£3.55
241JP041Biona tofu, jar500g£4.40
242SY022Marigold braised tofu225g£2.65
243JP220Blue Dragon ambient silken tofu349g£2.25

24440540Doves strong wholemeal flour1.5kg£1.60
24540560Doves strong white unbleached flour1.5kg£1.80
24640545Doves fine plain white flour1kg£1.55
24740565Doves white self raising flour1kg£1.55
24840505Doves plain wholemeal flour1kg£1.40
24940515Doves self raising wholemeal flour1kg£1.45
25050143Doves gram flour, GF1kg£2.55
25151077Doves self raising flour, GF1kg£2.45
25651044Doves wholegrain buckwheat flour1kg£3.70
25751065Doves wholegrain rye flour1kg£2.15
25840550Doves white rye flour1kg£2.15
2593023Coconut flour, org500g£2.95

Frozen convenience food
260XL140Good Life spicy bean burger, vegan454g£3.40
261XL363Good Life smoky bean sausages252g£3.25
264XL273Amy's Kitchen mac & cheese, GF vegan225g£3.45

Frozen desserts, fruit & veg
266XL217Pip berry squeezer ice lolly, org105ml£1.25
267XL142Natural Cool berry mix, org300g£3.59
268XL145Natural Cool org blueberries300g£3.59
269XL179Natural Cool raspberries300g£3.95
270XL178Natural Cool frozen peas300g£2.75

Frozen Ice cream
272XL033Booja Booja hunky punky choc500ml£6.29
273XL257Booja Booja raspberry ripple500ml£6.29
274XL256Booja Booja raspberry ripple, small110ml£2.15
275XL038Booja Booja vanilla500ml£6.29
276XL102Booja Booja honeycomb caramel large500ml£6.29
277XL104Booja Booja hunky punky chocolate, large500ml£6.29
278XL031Booja Booja hunky punky chocolate, small110ml£2.15

Frozen meat replacements
279XL210Quorn vegan pieces280g£3.29
280XL315Oumph! kebab style 280g£5.19
282XL131Linda McCartney deep country pies, pack of 22x190g£2.65
284XL345Linda McCartney rosemary & onion sausages300g£2.55
285XL130Linda McCartney sausages300g£2.55
286XL333Linda McCartney Hoisin duck300g£3.59
287XL008Fry's chicken nuggets380g£4.05

Frozen pies
288XL026Clives aloo gobi pie, GF, vegan250g£3.59
289XL114Clives mushroom & leek pie, GF, vegan236g£3.59
290XL338Clives nut roast280g£5.55
291XL032Clives chilli pie250g£3.59
292XL028Clives French cassolet pie GF2560g£3.59
294NC007Pennine Pasties, various pasties, vegan, locally madeeach£2.40

Frozen Pies
295NC008Pennine Pasties, sausage rolls, vegan, locally madeeach£2.00

Frozen pizza
296XL306One Planet mediterranean style pizza, vegan486g£5.89
297XL303One Planet 3 cheezly margherita pizza, vegan486g£5.89
298XL304One Planet fungi feast pizza, vegan486g£5.89
299XL035One Planet GF vegan cheezly pizza404g£5.99

Frozen soya
300XL107Impulse tempeh, org227g£3.05

Grains & rice
301QS252Brown basmati rice, org750g£3.99
302QS213White basmati rice, org750g£4.15
303QS101Short grain brown rice, org750g£3.05
304QS100Long grain brown rice, org750g£3.13
305QS086White quinoa, org500g£3.39
306QS150Couscous, org500g£3.79
307QS301Wholemeal couscous, org500g£2.15

Herbs & spices
308HE330Suma ground allspice40g£1.09
309HE182Suma asafoetida compound20g£1.09
310HE365Suma arrowroot50g£1.09
311HE366Suma basil20g£1.49
312HE367Suma bay leaves10g£1.49
313HE342Suma caraway seeds30g£1.49
314HE334Suma cajun mixed spice30g£1.09
315HE368Suma madras curry powder30g£1.09
316HE168Suma whole green cardamoms10g£1.49
317HE028Suma cayenne pepper50g£1.49
318HE371Suma celery salt100g£1.09
319HE116Suma chilli powder25g£1.49
320HE370Suma chilli flakes25g£1.49
321HE372Suma cinnamon ground30g£1.49
322HE189Suma cloves whole20g£1.49
323HE374Suma cloves, ground18g£1.09
324HE373Suma coriander ground40g£1.49
325HE376Suma coriander seed40g£1.49
326HE375Suma cumin ground25g£1.49
327HE377Suma cumin seed25g£1.49
328HE078Suma dill herb15g£1.49
330HE177Suma garlic granules25g£1.49
331HE196Suma fennel seeds50g£1.09
332HE180Suma fenugreek seeds50g£1.09
333HE379Suma garam masala50g£1.09
334HE380Suma ginger ground30g£1.49
335HE183Suma herbs mixed20g£1.49
336HE202Suma juniper berries40g£1.09
337HE382Suma mace20g£1.09
338HE384Suma mustard seed black50g£1.49
339HE187Suma nutmeg ground20g£1.49
340HE385Suma whole nutmeg20g£1.09
341HE386Suma oregano20g£1.49
342HE034Suma paprika25g£1.49
343HE387Suma smoked paprika25g£1.49
344HE388Suma parsley15g£1.49
345HE188Suma peppercorns black25g£1.49
346HE155Suma black pepper, ground30g£1.09
347HE389Suma pickling spice50g£1.09
348HE390Suma poppy seed blue40g£1.49
349HE391Suma rosemary20g£1.49
350HE381Suma sage25g£1.49
351HE164Suma mixed spice25g£1.49
352HE393Suma star anise25g£1.09
354HE170Suma turmeric ground, org25g£1.49

Hot drinks, black tea
370TE897Clipper English breakfast tea, org, FT, loose125g£2.63
371TE953Clipper everyday tea bags, org, FT80b£3.59
372TE300Clipper English breakfast tea bags40b£2.63
373TE500Clipper Earl Grey tea bags40b£3.10
374TE776Clipper decaf tea bags40g£3.59

Hot drinks, coffee & chocolate
355LJ189Suma cocoa powder250g£3.45
356TE698Barleycup, org100g£4.79
357TE480Chicory cup, org100g£4.15
358TE366Barleycup granules300g£5.65
359TE949Cafedirect decaf instant coffee100g£5.35
360TE513Cafedirect Machu Picchu instant coffee100g£5.20
361TE493Cafedirect decaf Macchu Picchu coffee, ground227g£4.85
362TE717Percol Bold Peruvian 5, ground, FT, org, comp200g£4.85
364TE634Percol smooth Columbian 3, ground, FT, org, comp,ground coffee200g£4.85
365TE804Percol Guatamalan 4, FT, org, comp200g£4.85
366TE632Percol Americano 4, ground, comp,ground coffee200g£4.85
367TE636Percol No 3 decaf, ground, comp,ground coffee200g£4.85
368TE633Percol intense espresso ground 6, FT, org, comp,ground coffee200g£4.85
369TE718Grumpy mule coffee beans, Equidad227g£4.75

Hot drinks, green & white tea
375TE826Higher Living green tea, org30b£2.55
376TE683Clipper white tea20b£2.05
377TE990Clipper green tea with lemon20b£2.15

Hot drinks, herbal teas
378TE333Celestial Bengal spice tea30b£2.89
379TE598Hambleden chamomile tea bags30b£2.59
380TE299Heath & Heather blackcurrant tea30b£2.59
381TE096Heath & Heather apple & cinnamon tea30b£2.59
382TE682Heath & Heather raspberry leaf tea30b£2.59
383TE238Pukka triple mint tea30b£2.95
384TE336Celestial sleepytime extra tea30b£2.89
385TE694Clipper fennel tea bags20b£1.55
386TE959Clipper nettle teabags20b£1.55
387TE789Clipper peppermint teabags20b£1.55
388TE942Clipper liquorice tea20b£1.55
389TE127Clipper snore & peace tea20b£2.29
390TE967Clipper Indian chai tea20b£2.29

Hot drinks, tea
391TE440Dragonfly Cape rooibos chai tea bags20b£2.69
392TE339Dragonfly Moroccan mint tea20b£2.69
393TE430Tick Tock rooibos tea bags40b£2.69
394TE436Tick Tock loose leaf tea100g£2.45
395TE434Tick Tock rooibos tea80b£5.19
396TE659Tick Tock rooibos Earl Grey tea40b£2.89
397TE657Tick Tock vanilla chai40b£2.89

Hot drinks, Yogi teas
398TE208Yogi echinacea17b£2.59
399TE785Yogi immune support17b£2.59
400TE835Yogi ginger17b£2.59
401TE018Yogi turmeric chai tea17b£2.59
402TE620Yogi classic loose leaf tea90g£3.05
403TE192Yogi classic teabags17b£2.59
404TE293Yogi lemon & ginger tea bags17b£2.59
405TE348Yogi relax tea17b£2.59

Household - detergents
406HJ352Ecozone dishwasher tabs, large672tabs£11.79
407HJ057Ecozone dishwasher classic25tabs£5.29
408HJ047Ecoleaf washing up liquid, in refillable bottle1lt£2.95
409HJ105Ecoleaf fabric conditioner in refillable bottle1lt£2.95
410HJ076Ecover laundry bleach400g£2.35
411HJ082Bio D washing powder PF2kg£7.90

Household - plastic free
412NC009Ecoliving grown ups wooden nail brush PFeach£5.75
413NC010Tru Earth laundry strips, fragrance free PF32 loads£12.99
414NC011Tru Earth laundry strips, fresh linen PF32 loads£12.99
415NC012Compostable sponge cloths PF2 cloths£5.50
416NC030Olive wood soap dish PFeach£6.50
417NC013Wooden washing up brush PFeach£3.95
418NC014Wooden washing up brush replacement head PFeach£2.25
419NC031Ecoliving bamboo clothes pegs PF20 pegs£4.99
420NC032Ecoliving steel tea infuser PFeach£4.00
421NF214Ecoliving food wraps, vegan, org PF3 pack£20.00

Household - tissues
422NF214Ecoleaf toilet tissue PF9 rolls£5.15
423NF209Ecoleaf toilet tissue PF4 rolls£2.25
424NF091Ecoleaf kitchen towels PF2 rolls£1.85
425NF521Cheeky Panda bamboo tissues PF1 box£2.09
426NF580Cheeky Panda bamboo wipes PF446g£3.25

Household brushes etc
427HJ053Loofco bottle brush PFeach£3.15
428HJ051Loofco washup brush with handle PFeach£4.39
429DY091Loofco body wash loofa PFeach£2.95
430Hj125Loofco cleaning pad loofa plant PFeach£3.15
431NF032If You Care recycled aluminium foil PF1roll£4.39
432NF021If You Care baking parchment PF1roll£4.25
433NF405If You Care sandwich bags PF48bags£4.25
434Nf338If You Care firelighters PF1 pack£5.40
435NF224If You Care rubber gloves, medium PF1pair£3.69
436NF689Waste Not compostable caddy liner PF1x20£4.35
437NF406D2W bin bags, recycled , biodegradable plastic1x10bags£1.59
438NF407D2W White swing bin liners, biodegradable plastic1x15bags£1.95
439NF169D2W Pedal bin liners, biodegradable plastic1x30bags£1.95

Jam & spreads
440JS051St Dalfour Apricot Spread284g£2.65
441JS050St Dalfour Strawberry Spread284g£2.65
442JS049St Dalfour Raspberry Spread284g£2.65
443JS061St Dalfour Thickcut Orange Spread284g£2.65
444JS062St Dalfour blackcurrant spread284g£2.65
445JS064St Dalfour Black cherry spread284g£2.65
446JS066St Dalfour Mirabelle plum jam284g£2.65
447GH165Traidcraft FT marmalade340g£2.75
448292832Ouse Valley orange marmalade340g£4.10
449HY058Vegan Honea, original230ml£5.25
450253390Vego choc spread with hazelnuts200g£3.45
451HY063Suma wildflower honey, clear340g£3.15
452HY097Hilltop lavender honey227g£3.35
453HY005Equal Exchange Clear Honey500g£6.15
454HY013Raw Health Acacia Honey350g£5.55

Liquid shampoos, shower gels & conditioners
455DY105Faith lavender & geranium shower gel400ml£5.85
456DY503Faith lavender & geranium shampoo400ml£5.85
457DY890Faith lavender & geranium conditioner400ml£5.85
458DY844Faith aloe vera shampoo400ml£5.85
459DY221Faith aloe vera conditioner400ml£5.85
460DY104Faith aloe vera showergel400ml£5.85
461DY245Faith aloe vera handwash 300ml£4.59

Mayo, dressings & chutneys
463KJ157Great British tomato sauce315g£2.35
464KJ066Jock's hot sauce150ml£4.90
465KJ463Biona Worcester sauce140ml£3.85
466KJ158Mr Organic chilli & ginger salsa sauce200g£2.45
467Kj226Biona sweet chilli sauce250g£2.95
468LJ009Free & Easy vegan cheese sauce130g£1.95
469Kj036Biona sauerkraut, ambient, org350g£1.95
470KJ016Organico artichoke hearts190g£5.09
471KJ428Organico capers100g£2.05
472KJ203Shaws spiced apricot & ginger chutney200g£2.60
473Kj174Shaws caramelised red onion chutney195g£2.60
474KJ028Shaws mango chutney300g£1.65

475MD281Floradix iron formula250ml£11.25
476VM100Floradix kids formula250ml£10.47
477NC015BioVitamin multivitamin in cork box, plastic free60 tabs£29.99
478NC016BioVitamin multivitamin refill pack60 tabs£25.99
479NC017Optibac Probiotic "For Daily Immunity" with Vit C30 caps£12.99
480NC018Optibac Probiotic "For Every Day"30 caps£12.99
481NC019Optibac Probiotic "For Every Day Extra Strength"30 caps£23.99
482NC020Optibac Probiotic "For Women"30 caps£18.99
483NC021Optibac Probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii 16 caps£7.99
484NC022Optibac Probiotic "For Those on Antibiotics"7 caps£5.99

Nut butters
485GH110Meridian smooth peanut butter, no salt, org280g£2.79
486GH028Meridian crunchy peanut butter with salt, org280g£2.79
487Gh202Meridian tahini, light, org270g£1.99
488GH064Meridian tahini dark, org270g£2.99
489GH027Meridian cashew butter170g£4.15
490GH094Meridian almond butter, org170g£4.59
491GH213Carleys walnut butter, org170g£3.80
492GH114Meridian hazelnut butter170g£4.59

493NU145Almonds, whole250g£3.85
496NU103Hazelnuts, org125g£2.55
497NU012Suma walnuts, org250g£4.75
498NU171Suma pecan nuts250g£3.05

Oats & flakes
500FX058Suma gluten free porridge oats, org1kg£2.45
501FX503Suma jumbo oats, org1kg£2.45
502FX014Suma porridge oats, org1kg£3.45
503HE250Suma psyllium husk250g£4.75
504FX035Suma wheatgerm500g£2.19

505GT009Clearspring rapeseed oil500g£4.20
506GT080Suma sunflower oil, org500g£3.65
507GT230Clearspring sunflower frying oil1lt£7.85
508GT211Clearspring walnut oil, org250g£12.05
509GT070Clearspring avocado oil, org250g£8.07
511GT555Equal Exchange Palestinian olive oil, FT1lt£22.40
512GT074Honest Toil extra virgin olive oil, 500ml£8.20
513211105Truffle Hunter English truffle oil100ml£5.15
514GT750Suma culinary coconut oil650g£6.30
516GT135KTC almond oil200ml£2.80
517VM271Biona flaxseed oil250ml£5.70
518GT033Meridian toasted sesame oil500ml£7.35

519KJ079Organico black olives280g£3.85
520KJ804Cypressa pitted black olives, jar340g£1.30
521VF184Gaea kalamata tapenade olives dip100g£1.85
522KJ062Cypressa mixed olives with garlic & herbs315g£2.05

523WT134Orgran lasagne, GF200g£3.35
524WT332Biona spelt fusilli500g£2.60
525WT018Suma tricolour fusilli500g£1.95
526WT125Suma wholewheat fusilli500g£1.45
527WT085Suma white penne500g£1.45
528WT100Blue Dragon wholewheat noodles, veg300g£1.90
530JP053Clearspring rice noodles GF200g£3.30

Pasta sauces
531VF168Zest basil & oregano pasta sauce340g£2.65
532VF239Zest mushroom & garlic pasta sauce340g£2.65
533VF173Meridian tomato & basil pasta sauce350g£2.85
534VF043Organico olive & chilli pasta sauce360g£3.65

Pet food etc
535PF006Benevo dog biscuits2kg£9.69
536PF012Benevo tinned dog food369g£2.75
537PF010Benevo dog chews180g£2.29
538PF016Benevo dog poo bags120bags£6.85

Plant milks
539JU178Rebel Kitchen chocolate mylk250ml£1.59
540SY009Plamil unsweetened soya milk1lt£2.25
541SY160Bridge coconut milk, org1lt£2.25
542SY021Ecomil almond drink, sugar free1lt£3.59
543SY096Good Hemp barista milk1lt£2.50
544JU377Oatly oat drink, org1lt£1.85
545SY158Oatly foamable barrista1lt£2.15
546JU385Oatly enriched, calcium etc1lt£1.85
547SY045Oatly choc drink1lt£2.09
548SY019Oatly oat cream250ml£1.19
549SY069Sproud barista pea mylk1lt£1.79
550SY188The Bridge coconut cream200ml£1.63

551LJ888Maldon salt flakes250g£2.85
552Lj004Maldon smoked salt flakes250g£2.35
553LJ005Geo Atlantic sea fine, drum500g£2.85
554LJ152Profusion pink Himalayan salt, coarse, org500g£4.15
555LJ153Profusion pink Himalayan salt, fine, org500g£4.15

Sanitary products
556NF085Natracare tampons regular20£2.85
557NF086Natracare tampons super20£2.75
558NF823Natracare tampons with applicator20£3.25
559NF313Natracare ultra extra super pads, winged10£2.35
560NF304Natracare ultra extra pads, normal10£2.35
561NF096Natracare mini panty liners30£3.25

562VF069Seeds of change korma sauce, org350g£3.15
563VF064Seeds of change tikka masala sauce, org350g£3.15
564KJ753Alfez harissa100g£2.35
565KJ548Alfez apricot & corinader tagine sauce350g£2.70
566VF738Geo Thai green curry paste180g£2.80
567VF739Geo Thai red curry sauce180g£2.80

Savoury spreads
568GH700Suma mushroom pate200g£2.80
569GH001Tartex classic pate, org200g£2.95
570GH006Tartex herb pate, org200g£2.95
571GH177Pate key, free£0.00
572GH100Bonsan red pepper & cashew pate, jar140g£2.85
573GH095Bonsan beetroot & horseradish pate140g£2.85
574KJ026Zest vegan basil pesto165g£2.95
575KJ542Zest coriander & basil pesto165g£2.95

576HE012Marivita seaweed,org, sprinkle, tub100g£4.95
577LJ106Atlantic Kitchen Dulse organic Seaweed40g£8.15

578NU322Golden linseed250g£1.39
579NU120Chia seeds250g£1.95
580NU356Sesame seeds, org250g£1.85
581VM020sunflower kernels, org500g£1.75
582VM020Prewetts ground flaxseed175g£2.45
583NU261Pumpkin seeds, org500g£4.19
584NU293Omega mixed seeds250g£1.99
585NU272Hemp seed, org250g£1.95

Soaps, shampoo & conditioner bars
586DY988Suma cocoa butter facial cleanser bar90g£3.05
587DY965Suma Alter/native coconut & argan soap90g£2.65
588DY960Suma Alter/native coffee & cedarwood soap90g£2.65
589DY959Suma Alter/native hemp & jasmine musk soap90g£2.65
590DY964Suma Alter/native lavender & geranium soap90g£2.65
591DY962Suma Alter/native patchouli & sandlewood soap90g£2.65
592DY971Suma Alter/native pink grapefruit & aloe soap90g£2.65
593DY967Suma Aklter/native rose & geranium soap90g£2.65
594DY961Suma Alter/native tea tree & aloe soap90g£2.65
595DY999Suma Alter/native coconut hair conditioner bar95g£5.55
596DY995Suma Alter/native rose & geranium hair conditioner bar95g£5.55
597Dy994Suma Alter/native lavender hair conditioner bar95g£5.55
598DY993Suma Alter/Native patchouli hair conditioner bar95g£5.55
599DY992Suma Alter/native rose & geranium shampoo bar95g£3.65
600DY991Suma Alter/native lavender & geranium shampoo bar95g£3.65
601DY997Suma Alter/native coconut shampoo bar90g£3.65
602DY996Suma Alter/native patchouli shampoo bar90g£3.65
603DY123Dr Bronners lavender Castile soap 140g£5.15
604DY290Oliva olive oil soap125g£1.99
605DY421Friendly lavender & geranium hair conditioner bar95g£4.95
606Dy093Friendly shaving soap95g£2.75
607Dy106Friendly travel soap95g£2.75
608DY103Friendly lavender & tea tree shampoo bar95g£2.85
609DY095Friendly lavender & geranium shampoo bar95g£2.85
610DY103Friendly natural shampoo bar95g£2.85
611DY165Friendly shea soap95g£2.75

612VF365Suma spicy lentil soup, org400g£1.85
613VF565Suma pea & vegan ham soup400g£2.15
614VF057Amy's Kitchen Italian rustic soup400g£2.89
616VF059Amy's Kitchen Spanish bean soup400g£2.89
617VF252Amy's Kitchen chunky tomato soup400g£2.35

Soya sauce
618JP130Clearspring tamari150ml£3.65
619JP501Clearspring tamari500ml£10.28
620JP500Clearspring shoyu kagisa500ml£5.75
621JP129Clearspring shoyu kagisa150ml£2.50

Stocks & flavourings
623Lj237Marigold vegan bouillion, reduced salt, purple500g£6.65
624LJ073Marigold vegan bouillon, org, small, orange150g£2.45
625LJ020Engevita yeast flakes with B12, blue125g£3.75
626Lj034Kallo low salt gravy ganules160g£3.15
627LJ171Kallo low salt stock cubes66g£1.70
628LJ102Kallo French onion stock cubes66g£1.70
629LJ122Kallo mushroom stock cubes66g£1.70
630LJ147Kallo yeast free veg stock cubes66g£1.70
631Kj073Stubbs Hickory liquid smoke250ml£2.75
632LJ048Vecon vegetable stock225g£3.65
633GH055Natex low salt yeast extract225g£4.25

Sugars & sweeteners
634LJ090Suma golden granulated sugar500g£2.85
636HY300Meridian molasses 350g£2.10
637LJ900Rayners barley malt extract340g£3.45
638LJ099Suma agave syrup, org240ml£4.15
639HY080Meridian date syrup330g£3.15
640HY053St Lawrence maple syrup, org250ml£7.15

Sweets & snacks
641ZX372Ricola cranberry herbal sweets45g£1.45
642ZX351Ricola original Swiss herb drops45g£1.45
643ZX536Peppersmith peppermints (xylitol)15g£1.39
646KB180Sesame snaps, multipack30x4x1£1.20
647ZX587Sunita grape juice & sultana halva, org75g£1.70
648ZX099Sunita coconut halva, org75g£1.80
6496049Infinity high energy trail mix125g£1.55

650DY796Ben & Anna's pure deodorant in paper tube60g£9.95
651DY963Lavera all in one cream, round150ml£8.05
652NC023Magnesium bath salts2kg£6.00
653NC024Magnesium bath salts1kg£3.50
654NF536Himalayan bath salts1kg£3.50
655NF536Humble bamboo cotton buds PF100£2.19
656858295Shade All natural sunscreen, SPF 25, in tin (beeswax)PF100ml£9.85
657TA002Miniml hand sanitiser (alcohol 62%) Refills available150ml£3.50
658TA003Miniml hand sanitiser (alcohol 62%) Refills available500ml£9.00

Tomato products
659LJ088Suma tomato puree tubes200g£1.35
660LJ042Zest tomato paste, org170g£2.95
661LJ560Suma passata690g£1.85

662KJ478Aspall balsamic vinegar, org350ml£3.90
663KJ475Aspall red wine vinegar350ml£1.95
664KJ474Aspall white wine vinegar350ml£1.95
665KJ311Biona cider vinegar & mother, org75cl£3.45
Abbreviations: GF=Gluten-free, FT=Fair Trade, Org=Organic, Comp=Compostable packaging, PF=Plastic-free.

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