Self-service cannisters
We are very pleased to have installed a range of self-service cannisters (top photo) so customers can help themselves to basics such as:
  • oats
  • muesli
  • nuts
  • seeds
You can either use the paper bags provided or bring your own containers, and we will weigh them for you at the till.  These bulk foods are all organic, and we are keeping our prices as low as we can.

Just another way we are reducing plastic waste!
Our self-service cannisters are helping to reduce plastic waste
Other refills
We also offer other refills to customers, enabling you to save money while also reusing glass or plastic bottles.  Just bring back your old bottle and we will refill it for you.

Our refills include:
  • Ecoleaf Washing-Up Liquid: £1.75 for 1ltr
  • Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid: £4.95 for 1.5ltr
  • Ecoleaf Handsoap: £2.75 for 500ml
  • Suma Shampoos/Conditioners: £3.50 for 500ml
  • Faith in Nature Shampoos, etc.: £4.25 for 400ml
  • Faith in Nature Dishwasher Gel: £1.75 for 500ml
  • Ecoleaf Fabric Conditioner: £1.90 for 1ltr
  • Bio D Floor Cleaner: £3.05 for 750ml
  • Bio D Multisurface Cleaner: £2.25 for 750ml
  • Ecover Handsoap: £2.75 for 250ml
  • Ecover Toilet Cleaner: £1.75 for 750ml
  • Wharfe Valley Rapeseed Oil: £4.99 for 500ml
  • Biona Cider Vinegar: £2.95 for 750ml
  • Suma Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil: £5.65 for 500ml
  • Suma Organic Sunflower Oil: £2.75 for 500ml
We provide refills for many of our wide selection of natural and environmentally friendly detergents and household products
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