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About us
Haworth Wholefoods sells everything you need for a wholesome diet, including:
  • Organic fruit and vegetables
  • A wide variety of good-value wholefoods – both organic and non-organic (depending on price)
  • Artisan-made bread from Blue Sky Baker in Hebden Bridge. This bread is delivered to us fresh each Friday and Saturday morning.
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We specialise in vegetarian and vegan foods, including wheat/gluten/sugar-free products. As far as possible we aim to provide:
  • Fair trade and ethically sourced produce
  • Locally produced goods (for lower food miles)
  • Good value-for-money – including 'scoop your own' basics for extra value.
  • #reduceplasticwaste  We are always on the lookout for ways to reduce our plastic waste, and have considerably increased the variety of plastic-free products and refills that we offer. Please see the 'Our policy on plastic' page.

Our proprietor
Sally HayesHaworth Wholefoods is owned and managed by Sally Hayes, who started the business in spring 2016 with much assistance from family and friends. Sally has worked in the organic and wholefoods sectors for many years.

She says: "I’ve recently managed Saker Wholefoods in Hebden Bridge during a period of exciting expansion when we developed from a tiny shop selling just bread and cakes into a substantial and popular wholefoods retailer. But I’ve always had a yen to run a shop of my own, so when the lovely premises at the top of Main Street became available I jumped at the chance."

At Haworth Wholefoods we believe customers are of paramount importance, and we always listen to your advice and requests. So please drop in for a chat at any time!

Our shop (360° tour)
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Our location
Haworth is a small Pennine village on the moors between Keighley and Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. The Brontë sisters lived and wrote their famous novels in the Haworth parsonage, a short way from Haworth Wholefoods' shop.

Our ethics
At Haworth Wholefoods we aim to reduce our impact on the environment by:
  • Using Vegware packaging made from starch that is completely compostable
  • Using Ecotricity as our electricity supplier, as they generate power from 100% renewable resources
  • Stocking a range of low-salt and low-sugar foods, plus ‘whole’ foods that have no nasty hidden additives
  • Offering healthy alternatives to meat and dairy – which are better for health, the environment and animal welfare
  • Using local suppliers wherever possible to stimulate the local economy and reduce food miles
  • Using wholesalers committed to sourcing ethically produced and fair-traded food from around the world, supporting small growers and communities to become financially stable and successful – which also affects educational opportunities, social welfare and the future well-being of vulnerable populations
  • Stocking a range of natural and organic household and skincare products, which are kind to both skin and the environment.
  • We also charge a fair price, and aim to give a first-class service to our customers.
Please see also our policy on plastic.

Local links
For more information about Haworth and the area, please see these local websites:

Sally, still standing after 3 years...
Sally at the shop in March 2019