Our bread comes fresh twice a week (Mondays and Saturdays) from Blue Sky Baker of Hebden Bridge.  They produce lovely artisan-made European bread, all slow fermented, vegan, etc.  Unfortunately we cannot currently offer any organic, gluten-free or wheat-free breads.  We take orders.
Our bread comes fresh every morning from Blue Sky Baker of Hebden Bridge.

Jane Crawford of HB Flour Mill in Hebden Bridge makes Pennine Pasties specially for us.  They are utterly delicious – not surprising as the ingredients are always excellent.  We offer up to six pasty varieties at present depending on season, including the Keralan potato curry (mildly spiced south Indian curry with coconut milk), Mushroom & celeriac, Pennine Pasty (like Cornish only MUCH nicer and no meat, of course), Cajun spicy bean with spices from southern America, and Jalapeno & cheese pasty (yes, this is vegan and is totally delicious), plus Sosage rolls (with Linda McCartney's vegetarian sausages in a tomato sauce).  They are all vegan (not gluten-free) and are a good size.  They are sold hot from the pie warmer.
£2.50 for the pasties and £2.00 for the Sosage roll.
We offer five varieties of pasties – sold hot or cold: the Keralan potato curry, Mushroom & celeriac, Pennine Pasty, Cajun spicy bean, and Jalapeno & cheese – plus Sosage rolls

Wondering which oils are the best for you? There has been much comment in the media over the past couple of years about the health benefits or otherwise of the different oils we eat.  Here's our short summary that attempts to make sense of it all: Which oil?.

Naturally we also sell a range of organic oils in-store – such as rapeseed, olive (including extra virgin), coconut, hemp and flax oils.  We also stock the myCBD CBD oil based food supplement (see myCBD under TOILETRIES & SKINCARE below).

Wharfe Valley cold-pressed rapeseed oil
Unlike many cheaper rapeseed oils, Wharfe Valley does not use chemicals during harvesting.  The oil is extracted by pressing once, without heat or chemicals.  Rapeseed has the lowest saturated fat of any culinary oil (less than half that of olive oil) and ten times more omega-3 than olive oil.  It is safe to cook with at high temperatures.  And it is grown just over the hill from Haworth!
£5.99/500ml, £3.99/300ml + chilli.
Some of the healthy oils we stock

All our fruit and vegetables are organic, freshly delivered from Organic Pantry in Tadcaster.  We supply organic veg boxes to order, and will be starting our delivery service of these from the beginning of September.  See the 'Veg boxes' page for more details. 

In season we are very happy to stock locally produced fruit and vegetables grown in the Haworth area.

From spring 2017 we are able to supply our customers with vegetables grown really locally by the Bradford Community Environment Project – which is centred in Wibsey Park and Keighley.  This is a non-profit-making community-based social enterprise, run mostly by volunteers working with vulnerable people.  They use the Council's now redundant polytunnels and growing spaces.  They grow organically, but don't have certification.  Starting with regular deliveries of salad leaves at the end of February, we're hoping to steadily expand our range of produce from this excellent organisation.

Wibsey Park Community Garden

Visit Veg boxes page.

Organic UK-sourced apples are among the fresh fruit and vegetables available from Haworth Wholefoods

We stock a wide range of wholefoods, mostly organic, plus a growing range of stock that we bag-up ourselves, enabling us to pass on considerable savings.

Flour: We stock a wide range of flour for baking and breadmaking, including spelt, einkorn, rye, granary etc, from Doves Farm and Bacheldre Watermill.

Milk: How about a soya or oat milk that doesn't curdle in coffee? We have two – Sunrise Soya Café Expert soya milk, and Oatley Barrista Oat Milk.  They both work brilliantly.

Other: Looking for seaweed, tofu, cereal flakes, blackstrap molasses, miso, seeds for sprouting, tamari, big one-kilo tubs of almond butter, Kefir, kombutcha, herbal teas, Barleycup? We've got it all, and much more.
Gluten-free and other wholefoods on sale at Haworth Wholefoods

We have a wide range of gluten-free products – including pasta, bread, muesli, biscuits, frozen ready-meals, snacks, brownies etc.

Gluten-free baking: We stock many varieties of gluten-free flour, such as buckwheat, rice, tapioca, the Doves Farm white and wholemeal range, as well as mixes for baking gluten-free muffins, Yorkshire puddings and sponge cakes. 

Piemeister Pies are made by Jane Crawford of HB Flour Mill in nearby Hebden Bridge (she's shown on the right).  At the moment we have two varieties, Chickpea Tomato & Coconut Curry, and Keralan Potato Pie, both in the freezer and retailing at £3.75.  We also stock her Hebden Mill gluten-free pastry flour.  In tests, two out of two people who tried these pies said they were really good!
Jane Crawford of HB Flour Mill with some of her gluten-free Piemeister Pies

We sell a range of natural and environmentally friendly detergents and household products, plus tissues, soapnuts, etc.  We also have baby products, including Beaming Baby nappies and biodegradable baby wipes, baby toiletries and baby food.

Refills: We are very happy to offer a range of refills to our customers, enabling them to save money while also reusing glass or plastic bottles.  Just bring back your old bottle and we will refill it for you.  Our refills include:
  • Ecover W/U Liquid: £1.75 for 1lt
  • Ecover Laundry Liquid: £5.95 for 1.5lt
  • Bio D Fabric Conditioner: £1.90 for 1lt
  • Suma Handsoap: £2.65 for 250ml
  • Wharfe Valley Rapeseed Oil: £4.99 for 500ml
  • Biona Cider Vinegar: £2.45 for 75cl
  • Suma Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil: £5.15 for 500ml

A selection of our wide range of natural and environmentally friendly detergents and household products

We have selected a range of Suma, Lavera, Faith in Nature and Aloe Pura toiletries and skincare products, along with other soaps, shampoos, handcreams, etc., plus fluoride-free Kingfisher toothpaste.

We are pleased to offer a small selection of the award-winning Odylique Skincare products (formerly known as 'Essential Care').  Odylique uses only certified organic ingredients of the highest quality and purity, and is effective and suitable for sensitive skin.  More information and prices

We also now stock some myCBD CBD oil.  CBD oil can taken orally, rubbed on the skin, and sometimes inhaled through vapor or used intravenously.  We offer myCBD hydrating cream, plus myCBD food supplement.  The latter is a hemp-based seed oil that has no psychoactive effects and contains 2% Cannabidiol.
We sell the myCBD CBD-based hydrating cream, and also its food supplement

Part of our range of Faith in Nature's shampoos and conditioners

Everyone deserves a little treat sometimes, and we sell quite a range of organic and vegan chocolate, including Ombar, Booja Booja and iChoc.

We also offer the wonderful Miiro ice creams (like Magnums only vegan).  They have very good ingredients – mostly from coconut.

We always have a selection of freshly baked flapjacks and cakes.  And every day we bake off a selection of vegetarian and vegan pasties and pies, available in our pie-warmer and perfect to take on a walk to Top Withins or anywhere else (see HOT PASTIES above).  These are becoming quite famous, apparently!

We stock a growing range of locally sourced produce.  At the moment we have eggs, milk, bread, veg, jams and chutneys, cake, flapjacks, pasties, kombutcha and sauerkraut.

We now have really local honey in stock – just in time to boost your immune system for the hayfever season.  Lion's Paw 'Wadsworth Gold' and 'Leeming' honeys are now available for £6.15 while stocks last.

We are very pleased to stock Pextenement cheese, a fine range of cheddar and soft organic cheeses made in Todmorden.

We stock Hodmedod’s British grown quinoa and savoury snacks such as salted Fava beans and split peas.  We also stock Piemeisters gluten-free savoury pies, made in Hebden Bridge, plus pastry flour.
Local cheeses

We just love it when vegans come into the shop for the first time and can't believe the amount of yummy vegan food we stock.  All our bread and cakes are vegan, as is our range of hot savoury Pennine Pasties made by Jane Crawford, plus a wide range of stuff in the deli like the Violife and Sheese cheeses, tofus, sausages, pates and the veggy haggis and black pudding.

We now stock the excellent Tyne Chease vegan cheese.  Although more expensive than other cheeses (£7.00 to £8.95), this is in our opinion the best vegan cheese on the market.  It can hold its own on even the smartest cheeseboards.

We also have a good selection of non-dairy milks, and lots of nuts and seeds, which we often buy in bulk and bag up ourselves, and which are excellent value. 

Kefir, kephir or búlgaros is a fermented milk drink made with kefir 'grains'.  You may have seen it recommended on TV's 'Trust Me, I'm a Doctor' as the clear winner of a trial to find the product that increased the population of beneficial gut bacteria the most in a group of volunteers.  With each year it becomes clearer that having a healthy and diverse 'micro biome' in your digestive tract is essential for good overall health – providing resistance to disease, including cancer, and good uptake of nutrients in food.  It also makes the development of allergies and intolerances less likely.

We stock Nourish Kefir and Rhythm Kefir, in dairy and coconut milk varieties – which are available in the fridge.  We also stock sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha, which have similar qualities.

We stock Nourish Kefir and Rhythm Kefir, in dairy and coconut milk varieties

Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow colour, and has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  We stock fresh turmeric, plus capsules of wholistic turmeric.  We also offer a turmeric oral spray – which makes it easier for the body to absorb its active ingredients (curcuminoids).

We stock fresh turmeric, capsules of wholistic turmeric and a turmeric oral spray

Seaweed is a superfood full of nutrients that packs a variety of health benefits.  It is high in iodine, magnesium, calcium, omega 3, vitamins B12, A and C, and almost as rich in protein as legumes.  Atlantic Kitchen Seaweed is dried and ready for adding to your favourite dishes.
Atlantic Kitchen Dulse and Sea-Spaghetti dried seaweeds are available in-store from Haworth Wholefoods

The benefits of taking apple cider vinegar, especially with 'the Mother'*, have long been widely known.  Containing potassium and enzymes, cider vinegar is reputed to be helpful in a wide range of health issues – including stomach and digestive troubles, colds and sore throats, high cholesterol, leg cramps, bad breath, assisting weight loss...  even getting rid of dandruff! But most importantly it has been shown to help balance blood sugar levels and reduce the likelihood of diabetes.  It's best to take a couple of tablespoons daily, diluted with water and sweetened with honey if preferred. 

TIP: A lovely refreshing summer drink is to mix a couple of spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar with sparkling water and slices of ginger and lemon.  Surprisingly delicious!

Haworth Wholefoods stocks the excellent Biona Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with 'the Mother'* at £2.89.  Refills are available for £2.45.

* This is apple cider vinegar that has not been heat-treated and still has the culture of beneficial bacteria that turns regular apple cider into vinegar in the first place.

These attractive magnetic bracelets are made from stainless steel and contain high-strength magnets which are believed to help blood circulation and reduce rheumatism.  They come in lots of different styles, and styles suitable for men and women.  £25.50 each.

Looking for a really nice present for a special person? At Haworth Wholefoods you can fill one of our hampers or baskets with your own selection of goodies from the shop.  Whether you're looking for vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, Fairtrade organic, natural toiletries, chocolate, or whatever else takes your fancy, we have it for you! All our baskets and hampers are made of quality wicker with faux leather straps on the hampers.  Prices start at £35.  They can be delivered locally or posted to UK addresses for an additional fee.  Please call the shop on 01535 649217, or pop in for more details.
Fill one of our hampers or baskets with your own selection of goodies from the shop.  Prices start at £35